Legislation and Referendum work is a specialty. The firm's in-depth knowledge of legislative and executive branch rules and procedure, strengthened by a veteran team of lawyers and support personnel, is the hallmark of its time-tested reputation for continuing excellence on Beacon Hill. As the paramount public advocacy firm, Joyce & Joyce assists clients in their efforts to develop and implement comprehensive legislative programs that will stand the test of time. Joyce & Joyce's characteristically keen attention to the long-range impact of such programs on its clients and their customers often proves the decisive feature of successful advocacy.

To accomplish these aims, Joyce & Joyce meets regularly and confers with client counsel to identify goals, while at the same time researching alternatives where necessary to frame issues in the most favorable public posture. Through decades of experience handling a vast array of clients and issues, Joyce & Joyce has cultivated a unique flexibility of approach atop its invaluable reputation. And beyond a winning public affairs strategy, Joyce & Joyce provides meticulous follow-through complete with ongoing research, intelligence tactical direction and implementation.

Joyce & Joyce has held an impressive roster of clients through both bullish and bearish economic times; when Massachusetts politicians and media embraced business & industry, as well as when they tried to distance themselves from private sector interests. Such changes in perception and context are rendered irrelevant in the lobbying process by the excellence of Joyce & Joyce. Regardless of whatever political fashions or economic cycles come along, Joyce & Joyce's timeless vision and committed guidance ensures its clients prosper in the Commonwealth.